Trigger Happy Lazer Tag

It's ready, aim, fun with Captain Bouncee's newest game...Trigger Happy Lazer tag.

Make your special event a day of fun and excitement. With a wide range of the latest guns and large, inflated bunkers, everyone can enjoy safe, exciting lazer tag. Our guns shoot a safe infra red beam at an opponent's head/gun sensors. NO laser radiation is fired!

Game Play:

Players team up to 'shoot' the opposition. Blue Team vs Red Team. Players take up position on the field. To avoid being hit, players can use the natural terrain at your property, as well as our large, inflated bunkers. If a player uses up all their lives, they go to the Medic box and respawn with new lives. Teams can also shoot the Domination Box to win the Capture and Hold prize, or play Last Man Standing. Games are run by our referee/drill sergeant. Games last 10-15 minutes/water break, before a new game begins.

Participants need to wear sturdy footwear (no thongs), a hat/cap, have a fun, positive attitude, and be ready for action!  


MAC 11      Light submachine gun        suitable for ages 5+

Scorpion     Light submachine gun        suitable for ages 7+

MP7           Medium submachine gun     suitable for ages 9+

Morita        Machine gun                       suitable for ages 11+



ACME crates     1 m cubed boxes

Doritos             2 m high pyramids

Beam               2 m long beam

X                     2.4 m high X - beam



$209 for a Platoon         small party     (9 players)  (or two groups of 9)

$239 for a Company      medium party (12 players)  (or two groups of 12)

$269 for a Battalion       large party     (15 players)

$349 for a Regiment      ABV, sports clubs, community groups


Call, email, txt for more information

David  0402 633 683 


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