Croc's Lagoon

Croc’s Lagoon is an exciting water playground. Children climb up the crocodile’s foot, slide down his tail or even down his snout. After they have bravely conquered the crocodile, little adventurers can relax in the cool lagoon.

Recommendations: This water slide is suited to smaller groups – maximum of 7 children at a time in the crocodile / waterslide area. Ages 3 to 6. Max of 7 kids at once. Requires a flat, grassy area with a minimum of 7m x 4.5m and 2.5m high; and a hose connection within 10 metres.

Price: $110 for up to 3 hours.

Include a 3 x 3 m marquee, 2 trestle tables, and 10 white, plastic chairs for $80

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